By: Popecat

Aug 26 2010

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So I have been looking for a new exercise/workout gig and some friends tell me about this ‘couch to 5k’ thing.  Once I begin reading about it online, I realize I’ve heard of this before from some co-workers that run.  One of my friends told me of an iPhone app that is tailored just for this so I pay my $2.99, get myself together and decide to go for it.

The program starts on Week 1 Day 1 with a 5 minute warm up of brisk walk then alternates 90 seconds of walking and 60 seconds of jogging.  No problem…..  I’m on the second 60 second run and realize that my legs feel like lead pipes from mid calf down and my ankles feel like they are floating in lava.  So I walk around that block and back to my house.  I sit down just after minute 17 is counted.  And while I am stretching my calves, pointing my toes and rolling my shoulders I ask myself, well, what about it?

Heck yeah, I’m going out again on Friday!  I’ll probably do some stretching and maybe a few Wii Fit mini games tomorrow but the program for C25K is built on rest times between run times.  And I definitely don’t want to end up hurting bad enough that I stop.  So Friday it is.  Oh and I love the app!  I can play my music and here the changes clearly over it when it is time to run/walk.

I intend to keep this up and hope to have support from my family and friends.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!